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Chan Hui Yuh is passionate about building a strong social fabric among community in Singapore. Everyone should have each other’s backs and work towards a shared common goal – and it is with this belief that she carries out her work on ground.

Hui Yuh first began volunteering in 2000 in the Limau Estate Neighbourhood Committee. She was Chairperson for the Siglap Citizen’s Consultative Committee, before being asked to helm the Serangoon Branch in 2014. Since then, she spends most of weekends around the neighbourhood, working with her team to create touchpoints for residents all over Serangoon to get acquainted and deepen their connection with each other.

During the pandemic, Hui Yuh joined frontline volunteers to distribute essentials to the community. She also helped reach out to merchants in Serangoon, lending support as they pivoted to adjust to new measures. Noticing how the lonely elderly were deteriorating much faster than those who had a network of support during this period, Hui Yuh quickly pulled together a team, kickstarting a community befriending initiative that would help look out for the physical and mental well-being of seniors who lived on their own.

Looking out for each other also includes taking responsibility to be part of the Go-Green journey – an existential matter for our little island country. As part of International Women’s Day 2023, Hui Yuh introduced a Take Action for Sustainability campaign to educate and encourage residents to incorporate go-green efforts into their daily lives.

Hui Yuh believes that there is so much more we all can do to make Singapore better. She looks forward to pushing for change that will make it easier for citizens and businesses to get the right support to fulfill their daily needs, hopes and dreams.

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Chan Hui Yuh