Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods amends summary of evidence
PUBLISHED ON 11 Apr 2018
Following the completion of the hearings, the Select Committee on deliberate online falsehoods has received emails from five witnesses as they request for amendments to be made to the Summaries of Evidence that were published on the Parliament website.

Some of the requested amendments were incorporated into a new version of the summary of evidence, while some were not, noted the press release on 9 April 2018.

Ms Kirsten Han had requested for 11 amendments, of which five were reflected in the amended Summary of Evidence. Ms Han had had also written separately to the committee asking if the matter would be addressed urgently and if the summary would be taken down pending a review.

The committee noted that "her position on the summary of her own testimony is in stark contrast to the view she expressed before the select committee on the takedown of online falsehoods. Nothing should be taken down, save as a last resort, she had suggested".

Mr Howard Lee, a former editor of The Online Citizen (TOC), did not request any amendments, but had asked for five additional points to be included. These have been reflected, the press release said.

Meanwhile, Mr Terry Xu, the chief editor of TOC, had requested three amendments, of which two were inserted. Mr Gaurav Keerthi, the founder of and, requested nine amendments, and five were inserted.

Separately, Mr Jolovan Wham was concerned that the written representation of Community Action Network was not taken into account. Written representations will be taken into account in the Committee’s report and analysis, the press release said. Mr Wham further asked for an additional point to be inserted to the summary of his evidence and this was later inserted.

The Select Committee had also accepted and decided to publish a total of 167 written representations on its website. These included late representations which were submitted up to 22 March 2018, and the representations of witnesses who gave oral evidence.