​S’poreans think long term when tackling climate change challenges
PUBLISHED ON 30 Aug 2019
Most Singaporeans, especially the young, understand the impact of climate change and the need to tackle the challenges early, according to government feedback unit Reach.
Commenting on Reach’s findings on the National Day Rally at a closed-door dialogue organised by Reach, Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat, said Singaporeans see the importance of tackling even challenges that are not imminent and preparing early.
"I'm very encouraged by how Singaporeans are continuing to think long term, to look at how we prepare ourselves better, and at the same time to work together," he added.
According to Reach's findings, nine in 10 Singaporeans below the age of 30 felt the climate change threat to the country is real, and that Singapore should invest in taking mitigating actions before it is too late. Among those aged between 30 and 54, eight in 10 felt likewise.
On how the Government plans to forge consensus among older Singaporeans on the topic of climate change, Mr Heng said that senior citizens too feel encouraged that the Government is taking steps early to tackle it.
"Many of our seniors have gone through the early years of Singapore, when our approach of thinking and building for the long term has enabled Singapore to be where it is today. So this is a very good set of values in our society that we must continue to promote," he added.

Image from Reach Singapore