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The PAP’s Community Foundation

02 Oct 2019 < 1 min read

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The future of Singapore is in our children’s hands and nurturing and educating them has always been a key focus area for the People’s Action Party. 

In 1986, it founded the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) to enhance the well-being of the community, by providing quality educational services at an affordable cost. 

Previously, in the early sixties, kindergartens were run by various PAP branches. Back then, the classes were held in open air or simple wooden houses. Chinese, along with basic English and Mathematics were taught so that children in rural areas were sufficiently prepared for entry into primary schools. 

Over the years, the kindergartens proved they could deliver quality education and today, PCF is the largest kindergarten operator in Singapore and it runs more than 350 centres, providing affordable and quality pre-school education. Computer-aided learning and other enrichment programmes are also offered.

To cater to the needs of senior citizens, PCF now operates five senior care centres through its PCF Sparkle Care. Its first eldercare facility PCF Sparkle Care at Changi Simei opened on 15 of September 2015 and has a capacity for 55 day-care clients and 20-30 rehabilitation clients with services like rehabilitation-care, dementia-care, social day-care and nursing-care.