Strengthen education system for lifelong learning: Ong Ye Kung
PUBLISHED ON 27 Jul 2018
Lifelong learning is necessary for Singaporeans to prepare for the future, and there will be shifts in the education system to improve the quality so that it remains strong, said Minister for Education Mr Ong Ye Kung.

Speaking at the annual dinner of the Economic Society of Singapore, Mr Ong added that a shift in the system is inevitable, but it does not change the foundation of what is being taught in schools and Institutes of Higher Learning. “The difficult question we should really ask is: Does a young person necessarily need a degree in order to do well in his or her career? The answer is: ‘it depends," said Mr Ong.

He noted that employers are increasingly looking beyond academic qualifications when hiring and promoting staff; they also look out for those who have the skills and competencies. “It may take a while for this human resource approach to be truly widespread. But the macro trends are clear,” he added.

Addressing the issue of inequality which he brought up in Parliament, he reiterated that it remains to be a complex issue, and there has to be greater effort to address the opportunity gaps that arise from it.