Team Singapore will ensure Singapore’s progress: PM Lee
PUBLISHED ON 16 May 2018
Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong has said that there is more than one qualified candidate among the fourth generation leaders and that a clear-front runner can be expected before Singapore's next general election.

Acknowledging that people are anxious to find out who the next PM will be, Mr Lee explained that it will take time. "I do not believe we are ready to settle on a choice yet. Nor is it helpful to treat this either as a horse race or a campaign to lobby support for one candidate or the other... This is a team game, and we want a strong, cohesive team so Team Singapore is the winner."

Speaking during the debate on the President’s Address, Mr Lee said the 4G Leadership now helms two thirds of the ministries, and they have a majority say in policies, and the direction to take Singapore. Expressing confidence in the team, he also praised them for being willing to serve with their hearts in the right place.

However, he stressed that Singapore's political leadership will have to work together, and as a Government, as it is merely a steward, taking care of the country and holding it in trust for the next generation.

He emphasised: "The Government must keep faith with past generations who gifted this country to us. It has to be responsible to the present generation who continue to build on what we have inherited. But above all, it must consider future generations, whose lives and whose futures depend on us, the present generation - thinking of their interests, acting on their behalf, making wise and far-sighted decisions to cause Singapore to endure and flourish for many more years"

Calling on all PAP MPs to 'work hard, serve the people, hold the ground, win the elections', Mr Lee also reminded the House that, "Governing means from item to time you have to do difficult things, when they become necessary. Leadership means you've got to explain, persuade, and convince people that you know what you're doing, you're doing it for good reason, you're doing the right thing."

“That is the way to maintain people’s trust, and trust is crucial," he said.

Mr Lee emphasised that the PAP is determined to perform, taking every election and debate in the Parliament seriously. "How long a political party continues in government – or in opposition for that matter, because parties come and go in opposition too – depends on whether it can renew itself, continue to serve the people, continue to bring progress to the nation," he stated.

He added, "If the PAP can keep on successfully doing that, we can stay in Government. But if we ever fail, we deserve to lose."

Speaking on the need for competence and a clean government, PM Lee reiterated that the ruling PAP (People’s Action Party) does not have a monopoly of power, nor does not have a right to rule Singapore indefinitely. “So long as the PAP government performs, it keeps the voters’ support, and stays in power. The opposition cannot gain ground. But if the PAP government becomes incompetent or corrupt, the opposition will grow." he said.

Speaking about the role of opposition parties in Singapore's politics, Mr Lee said that Singapore's system gives the 'PAP government every incentive to perform, and to keep the opposition performing its role where it is, namely in the opposition."