Technology as social leveller: Ong Ye Kung
PUBLISHED ON 01 Jun 2018
Schools will remain to be a mainstay for learning even as technology transforms how education is delivered, said Minister Ong Ye Kung at an Education Conference.

He said, “There is a lot of transmission of values, students learning from each other, from tutors, lecturers, mentors, working in teams. All this cannot be replaced.”

Mr Ong added that the Ministry will continue to support the use of information and communications technology in learning, and it can be a social leveller for students in schools.

As Singapore continues its efforts to reduce the widening class divide, technology such as the new online portal for students – the Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) with resources from the Ministry of Education which is accessible to all primary to junior college students – will help level the playing field, giving students the same access to quality resources.

Mr Ong added that this platform also will have the potential for self-directed learning for students, and allow educators to incorporate and share their ideas throughout the education system.