Thank you for making a difference for our women by taking #ActionForHer.


pledges of action

What started as a simple idea to encourage support for women in Singapore, quickly grew into a resounding social movement that saw Singaporeans step up, take action, and join in the Party’s long-standing advocacy for our women.

#ActionForHer asked one simple question: ‘What action will you take for her?’. More than 130,000 responses poured in, each committing to an action of change. Some made single pledges; others multiple pledges for friends and family, for various ladies in their lives. Many responses came from our men too! – a strong signal of the important role they too play in advancing women’s development.

It truly takes the collective effort of a society to uplift every woman. I’m glad the movement also found solidarity among our corporate and business community, with like-minded partners aligning themselves with this cause and helping to rally support, spark conversations, and galvanise support among their own networks.

The success of this movement belongs to everyone – thank you all for keeping this cause close to heart, and making an impact and difference in your own way!

We have come a long way, but it doesn’t stop here. As Singapore takes progressive steps forward for women’s development, I invite you to help us keep this strong spirit of solidarity going. Each of us can do something to support, protect and uplift the women and girls around us. We must keep on taking action.

Together, let’s continue to push for change and build a brighter future for her.

Mrs Josephine Teo
PAP Women’s Wing Chairperson

#ActionForHer in the community