Trust builds good policies for Singapore: Heng Swee Keat
PUBLISHED ON 05 Apr 2018
Trust between political leaders and the civil service builds a virtuous circle of good politics and policies, says Minister of Finance Mr Heng Swee Keat.

In his speech at the Administrative Service dinner and promotion ceremony on 3 April 2018, Mr Heng acknowledged that the trust will bring about value that is ‘incalculable’ to Singapore and added that everyone has a part to play to safeguard and strengthen this relationship.

“The political leadership trusts that the non-partisan civil service serves the Government of the day, by formulating and implementing sound policies that serve our citizens and strengthen our nation. And the civil service trusts that the political leadership has your back, that the political leadership will put all its effort into winning and keeping the people’s trust so that public servants can continue to do your work with utmost integrity,” said Mr Heng.

Mr Heng also urged the civil service to continue to innovate, question the status quo and experiment with new ways of doing work. “The public sector must develop its unique model of innovating, in fidelity to its responsibilities to the public,” he added.