URA mulls over short-term rentals for private residential properties
PUBLISHED ON 19 Apr 2018
The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has launched a public consultation exercise to seek the public’s view on a proposed regulatory framework for the use of private residential properties as short-term accommodation.

In a statement on 16 April 2018, URA noted that there has been a surge of short-term accommodation (STA) options in residential properties all over the world with the rise of online platforms and mobile applications. “While this started off largely as an unregulated activity, the situation has evolved in recent years, due to concerns over abuses and the impact on housing affordability,” the statement added.

Hence, the Government is studying the possibility of introducing a framework to regulate STA in private residential properties. The proposed framework includes:

•            qualifying criteria for homes to be used as short-term accommodation, such as fire safety requirements
•            conditions which homeowners must comply with
•            the roles and responsibilities of stakeholders such as Management Corporations (MCSTs)
•            regulation of commercial platform operators

In a Facebook post, Minister for National Development Mr Lawrence Wong wrote that the Government has been cautious about allowing short-term accommodation in Singapore. “After studying the issue for some time, we think it is possible to allow such STAs in private residential properties, but subject to appropriate regulations and safeguards,” Mr Wong added.

He also reminded owners that all rental of private residential units are subjected to existing laws, which means that the tenancy must meet the minimum period of 3 months.

The closing date for submission is 31 May 2018.