Ushering in 2018 with confidence and strength: PM Lee
PUBLISHED ON 05 Jan 2018
Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong in his New Year’s Day Message said that Singapore must press on with plans to restructure the economy and invest in infrastructure, even in an uncertain external environment.

“We made steady progress on our long-term goals, and are finishing the year stronger than we started. We are ushering in 2018 with confidence and strength,” said PM Lee.

Sharing news of Singapore’s stronger than expected economic growth, PM Lee said, “Last year our economy grew by 3.5%, more than double our initial forecast. Incomes have gone up across the board, especially for low and middle income earners. We have benefitted from the global economic upswing. But more fundamentally, our productivity has grown. Singaporeans are upgrading and learning new skills, while businesses are innovating and adopting new technology. That is how we will stay competitive and ready for the future.”

On the Government’s plans for 2018, PM Lee shared that Parliament will be prorogued for a mid-term break and President Halimah Yacob will deliver her inaugural President’s Address in May when the Parliament re-opens, setting the agenda for the rest of the term.

“This will bear the imprint of the fourth-generation leadership, who are taking on greater responsibilities, and putting forth their ideas for Singapore,” PM Lee added.