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PAP Women’s Wing – SGFuture: Women’s Perspectives and Aspirations

11 Mar 2016 2 min read

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The PAP Women’s Wing (WW) will contribute to the SGfuture series of conversations through a parallel project focussing on women’s perspectives and aspirations. Led by a team of 7 women Members of Parliament (MPs) and former MP Penny Low, it will encompass four themes reflecting areas of concern to women: Leadership and Social Impact, Employment and Entrepreneurship, Family and Caregiving, and Financial Well-being. 

WW Vice Chairman (Advocacy) Mrs Josephine Teo, who coordinates this effort, says the project will culminate in a set of recommendations to be presented when WW holds its annual conference around National Day. “Ever since the SGfuture series was launched, we have been thinking about how to make a positive contribution. Our MPs are plugged into many aspects of society and interact with a broad spectrum of women. We felt it was timely and meaningful to collate their views on how they’d like to shape our country’s future. The team comprises new and seasoned MPs and the four themes emerged after several rounds of consultations with one another. Through further engagement with women’s groups, we will gather inputs for drawing up recommendations to the Government.”

The themes and leaders of each engagement sessions are:

ThemesProject Leads
    Leadership and Social Impact Foo Mee Har
 (MP, West Coast GRC)
 Sun Xueling
 (MP, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC)
   Employment and
 Cheng Li Hui
 (MP, Tampines GRC)
 Cheryl Chan Wei Ling
 (MP, Fengshan SMC)
   Family and Caregiving Tin Pei Ling
 (MP, Macpherson SMC)
 Joan Pereira
 (MP, Tanjong Pagar GRC)
   Financial and Wellbeing Rahayu Mahzam
 (MP, Jurong GRC)
 Penny Low
 (Former MP, Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC)

Commenting on the engagement sessions, Minister for Culture, Community and Youth, and the Chairperson of the Women’s Wing, Ms Grace Fu said, “Women have an important role to play in building the future of Singapore and PAP Women’s Wing. We believe strongly in enabling women’s participation in the political discourse over a broad range of issues. For the purpose of SGfuture, we have narrowed down to a few areas where our views and actions are critical in shaping the next phase of nation building. How well and quickly women can balance their dual role in the family and in the work place, will affect our economy and our demography, both important factors in the future survival of Singapore.”
** The SGfuture citizen engagement series gives Singaporeans a platform to co-shape our collective future.

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