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Press Statement on PAP Women’s Wing’s support for the Ministerial Statement on the Review of Sentencing Framework for Sexual and Hurt offences

05 Mar 2021 < 1 min read

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The PAP Women’s Wing and its women Members of Parliament support the proposals in the Ministerial Statement on the Review of Sentencing Framework for Sexual and Hurt offences. This includes the changes in penalties to better protect women in Singapore.

On 5 March 2021, Minister for Home Affairs and Law K. Shanmugam announced a tougher stance towards sexual and hurt offences, having completed a review of their penalties.

The People’s Action Party’s Women’s Wing condemns all forms of violence against women.  In July last year, we had raised our grave concerns on the apparent inadequacy of sentences meted out in several past cases.

There is no excuse for any form of sexual aggression against women. Offenders must be appropriately punished regardless of their background, to reflect the extent of society’s disapproval and rejection of their actions.

Chairperson for Women’s Wing, Mrs Josephine Teo said, “We welcome the Minister’s assurance that respect for women is non-negotiable. We are also heartened by the Government’s commitment to exercise the full force of the law against anyone who harms our women. As a society, we have to stand up firmly against any action that affronts our fundamental values”.

The PAP Women’s Wing will continue to advance the cause of women’s development in Singapore, protect their safety, and champion their empowerment.

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