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PAP Women’s Wing Celebrates International Women’s Day

09 Mar 2019 < 1 min read

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“Wind beneath the PAP Women’s Wing” – was how Minister for Manpower and the PAP Women’s Wing Chairman, Mrs Josephine Teo paid tribute to the PAP women activists for their efforts and sacrifices and for working  quietly behind the scenes, at MPS, house visits, and never grumbling about the time away from family.

Speaking to some 250 women activists at a Women’s Wing gathering to commemorate the International Women’s Day, Mrs Teo highlighted three values that have anchored Singaporeans for generations: openness, multi-culturalism and belief in self-determination.

“What inspires me most is the determination that we often see in women. Adversity is not our enemy. Instead, it brings out our tenacity, our unwillingness to accept defeat, and our willingness to try, and try until we succeed,” Mrs Teo said.

She also called on Singapore women to preserve the unique DNA of Singaporeans and pass on the values to future generations to keep Singapore going.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, a dialogue session with Minister for National Development and Second Minister for Finance Mr Lawrence Wong was held. 

The hour-long session focused on the various initiatives that were announced in Budget 2019 and the benefits for Singapore women and how they can make full use of these initiatives.

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