Take action with us for mental health

Mental health affects us all

regardless of age and gender


of Singaporeans suffer from poor mental health

1 in 2

willing to seek help from a professional when they are constantly unable to cope with stress.

1 in 5

youths reported poor or very poor mental well-being

an initiative by the People’s Action Party to raise awareness and drive collective action for mental health in Singapore

We believe that our society will be better when we recognise the crippling effects of mental health issues on any member of our community, and take collective action to make a change.

The mindset towards taking care of our own mental health and well-being needs to be changed.

For those who are struggling, the journey to recovery does not need to be a lonely one. We want to ensure that nobody needs to deal with mental health struggles on their own.

Through #BetterTogether

Let’s be a voice of encouragement to each other to uplift and build each other up. Each of us can do something in our own ways to cast a spotlight and rally others in championing mental health.

Join us in taking action because we are better together.

01. How?

For a start, join us in uplifting one another by sharing a positive note on your social media with #BetterTogether.

02. Where?

For a better understanding of your mental health and how to reach out, check out MindSG (, a one-stop online portal for resources on mental health and well-being.

03. What?

Have an idea on how we can take collective action? Write to us at