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We have been fighting COVID-19 since the beginning of this year. It has been a hard fight, with all hands on deck.


Together, we will overcome COVID-19 and secure a brighter future for ourselves and our children.

– PAP Secretary General
Lee Hsien Loong

Facing the Crisis of a Lifetime Together

We have weathered many crises together as a people and a nation, the PAP was there – with you, for you and for Singapore.

Staying Safe and Healthy Together

Public health and safety remains an urgent task. We will strongly support and equip our healthcare professionals and frontline agencies to provide excellent healthcare for all.

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

Creating Jobs and Acquiring Skills Together

Jobs are our top priority. We will spare no effort to protect and create jobs to keep Singaporeans employed.

Transforming and Growing Our Economy Together

Beyond the immediate crisis, we are preparing for a post Covid-19 economy. We will build a dynamic, resilient and responsive economy, no matter what happens.

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

Providing Care and Support Together

In addition to promoting growth and creating jobs so you can have good incomes, we will provide social and financial support when needed.

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

Building a Strong and Resilient Society Together

Covid-19 has highlighted new social gaps, but also brought out the best in us and shown our Singaporean heart. We will strengthen our social compact.

Living Sustainably Together

We will make sustainability a way of life, and bring more nature to the city.

Building Our City Together

We have ambitious plans to develop Singapore. Covid-19 will slow these down but will not stop our forward march.

Creating a New Future Together

At this critical moment in human history, we have a unique opportunity to re-shape and re-design our future.

Overcoming Together

We will overcome this crisis, triumph over adversity and emerge stronger. We will do all this and more, because we have the Singapore spirit and each other.

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Photos from Singapore Press Holdings Limited are reproduced with permission.
Selected photos from Hilarion Goh.