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Family Recipe Collection

Food has always been an integral part of Singapore’s culture and heritage, it’s the one thing that ties and bonds families together for generations.

As part of Mother’s Day celebrations this year, we have put together a collection of cherished family recipes for sharing with the present and future generations.

The dishes featured are secret family recipes and treasured heirlooms passed down generously, contributed by our fellow residents.

Heritage recipes represent not only delicious flavours but also kinship and precious memories. The PAP Women’s Wing is glad to partner our communities to bring you this collection of special heirloom recipes. We hope you enjoy it!

— Ms Sim Ann, PAP Women’s Wing Chairperson


Food is a common language that draws Singaporeans together. Food is also a mother’s love language that starts the very moment babies are born. Our mums often take great pains to nourish and sustain us, no matter how old we may be.

This year, the PAP Women’s Wing has specially curated a collection of cherished family recipes shared by our activists and friends. With this digital  cookbook, we pay homage to all mothers for their love, dedication and sacrifices. We also hope that these treasured recipes will bring families together as they relish the dishes and honour their mothers, whose love is the very ingredient that’s made their lives extra special.

Thank you, Mothers, for all you’ve done and are to your children, spouse and family. May you enjoy many happy moments over great family meals. We wish you a very joyous, meaningful and memorable Mother’s Day!

– Ms Low Yen Ling, Organising Chairperson and PAP Women’s Wing Vice Chairperson

Feature Recipes

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