Building a Strong and Resilient Society Together

Social Resilience

Covid-19 has highlighted new social gaps, but also brought out the best in us and shown our Singaporean heart. We will strengthen our social compact.

We will:

  • build a strong, caring united community where no one is left behind and all can progress together
  • build resilience, enhance social mobility and tackle inequality
  • help those who fall down to get up stronger.

We will strengthen and support our social service agencies:

  • with increased funding and matching of donations
  • by helping them transform their operations and service delivery

We will:

  • improve our social safety nets to provide sustainable support
  • partner citizens and organisations to help those in need
  • build communities of care in every town through the SG Cares network and connect needs to volunteers and resources
  • make mental wellness a key focus
  • foster digital inclusion and enable vulnerable groups to reach support and resources online

We will:

  • build a multi-cultural, multi-religious society where unity in diversity is our strength
  • support the aspirations of our people in arts, culture and sports

Financial Resilience

To combat Covid-19, we have injected almost $100 billion through four Budgets, using current surpluses and past reserves to support Singaporeans through this crisis and prepare for the future. We will make this count.

We will:

  • use the money to catalyse growth and returns for Singaporeans and Singapore
  • continue to exercise financial prudence, and replenish our reserves when we are able to do so
  • safeguard the future for our children and generations to come, as the Pioneer and Merdeka generations did for us



Health & Safety

Jobs & Economy




Providing Care and Support Together


Living Sustainably Together


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