Staying Safe and Healthy Together

Public health and safety remains an urgent task.

Source: The Straits Times © Singapore Press Holdings Limited.

We will:

  • strongly support and equip our healthcare professionals and frontline agencies to provide excellent healthcare for all. We are providing free in-patient treatment for Covid-19 at public hospitals. In total, we have allocated $20 billion to MOH in the recent budgets
  • ramp up Covid-19 testing and tracing capabilities
  • invest in R&D for Covid-19 treatments and vaccines, and ensure these are available to all Singaporeans who need them

To reduce the risk of transmission and safeguard public health, we will:

  • ensure everyone can obtain protective items such as face masks
  • establish new norms of safe interaction for daily living
  • improve public hygiene through a major national effort, including through the SG Clean campaign

We will:

  • complete health clearance of migrant workers and enable them to return safely to work
  • build additional migrant worker housing
    with new operating models and improved standards



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