Hany Soh Hui Bin

"My life ethos is ‘Never forget to serve the last, the lost and the least’. To be an MP is about serving the people, understanding their aspirations and needs, and not forgetting the vulnerable who may not have the courage to come forward and seek the necessary help."


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Hany Soh Hui Bin

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Hany Soh is committed to serving “the last, the lost and the least”.

Hany counts herself a late bloomer in academics. It was only later in life that she discovered her interest in the law and became a lawyer. She never forgot the advice from her discipline master in Bendemeer Secondary School, “If you want to become a lawyer one day, don’t forget to serve the last, the lost and the least. You are there to help people solve their problems and you will have an impact on not just that person, but also on their family and the people around them.” Soon after becoming a lawyer, Hany put this advice into practice and started a legal clinic as a community volunteer.

After being elected in 2020, Hany continued her mission. She has been championing “G.E.L” in her Woodgrove constituency - short for Green Living Initiatives, Embracing Parenthood and Law Awareness. With G.E.L, she wants every resident to have a chance to embrace green living, to spend quality time with their family, and to feel supported when they run into legal issues.

In Parliament, Hany has been speaking up on related issues, such as those relating to laws and legal policy, the promotion of sustainability and the concerns of women and young parents.

In 2021, Hany was appointed as the Vice Chair of the PAP’s Action for Green Towns (AGT) initiative, which aims to make every PAP-managed town zero waste, energy efficient and greener. Hany is also the Vice-Chair and Sustainability Champion for Marsiling-Yew Tee Town Council. She led an initiative to upcycle old train parts and deploy them as amenities for residents such as seats, handrails and plant holders. She continues to explore more ways to build a more sustainable way of life both in Marsiling-Yew Tee and nationwide.

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Hany Soh Hui Bin