Murali Pillai

Murali Pillai

"Looking out for one another, being respectful and kind to each other, these are qualities that shape the Bukit Batok community spirit!"


Murali Pillai, affectionally known as “Ah Mu”, has been serving in Bukit Batok for over 20 years, starting as a volunteer and later becoming its MP in 2016.  

Through these years, he had the privilege of working with a generation of community leaders and residents to build a Bukit Batok community that is warm and compassionate where everyone is supported, regardless of one’s background.  

Through local programmes like the Food & Grocery Voucher Scheme for low-income families and cause-based organisations like the Green Ribbon Task Force that coordinates help for persons facing mental challenges, he takes action with volunteers and residents to keep it this way.  

To increase environmental consciousness, he has facilitated several “green” projects in Bukit Batok such as upcycling wood from felled trees to make furniture and creating compost for gardening from food waste. 

In Parliament, he speaks on many matters affecting fellow Singaporeans, particularly those who find it difficult to be heard. For instance, he asked that ex-offenders be given better job opportunities by extending the Jobs Growth Incentive to them. He pushed the Government to provide concessionary migrant domestic worker levy to caregivers of mentally challenged persons too. Many of his proposals that were implemented by the Government were “born” in Bukit Batok! For example, the Government’s decisions to hold Golden Jubilee wedding celebrations and to provide Medisave coverage for patients directly admitted to community hospitals were ideas from Bukit Batok residents. His contributions in Parliament can be tracked through

Through his regular interactions, including twice-weekly house visits, weekly MPS, coffeeshop visits and so on, he strives to keep a pulse on what is affecting his residents. Ultimately, he seeks to ensure that Bukit Batok residents will always be proud to call Bukit Batok their home. 


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Murali Pillai