The work of caring for our loved ones at home and in the community often falls on the shoulders of women. But many hands make light work – and it’s on all of us to help lighten her load.

Saturday 10 September 2022
1pm – 6pm
Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Heliconia Junior Ballroom, Level 3
10 Bayfront Avenue
Singapore 018956 
Admission is free


your family down to the ActionForHer community exhibition – an informative showcase organised to equip, support and inspire Singaporeans in their caregiving and parenting journeys! We also invite Singaporeans of all ages to step up and pitch in to strengthen care in the community.


how you can make a difference in caring for your loved ones, while playing a part in shaping a generous, big-hearted society in Singapore.

Work together

to ensure no one – be it children, seniors, people with disabilities or those with ailments – is left behind!


Always wondered how you can take that first step to help those in need, or aren’t sure if you have what it takes to make a difference? 

Join us at the community exhibition, where we’ve gathered some 20 Volunteer Welfare Organisations in Singapore to share their stories and show you what they do to uplift others in our community. Come be inspired and see where you can pitch in! No action is too small.  

Check out the full list of exhibitors here.

Experience the soulful convergence of East and West through today’s rendition of a condensed version of the original Erhu concerto by Tan Dun, commissioned for the Ang Lee martial film 卧虎藏龙 Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon by Calista Liaw and cellist Liu Chien Wei from the Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music.

Then travel to South America with violinist Yang Shuxiang, faculty of SOTA and classical guitarist Hunter Mah, lecturer at NAFA to find the origins of the tango in Buenos Aires through Piazzolla’s Histoire du Tango: 1900.

This performance is presented by Chamber Music and Arts SingaporePerformances will take place at 1.30pm, 3pm, and 4.30pm 

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