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PAP Women’s Wing Conference 2021: Taking action for Singaporean Women

18 Sep 2021 3 min read

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The Women’s Wing of the People’s Action Party’s (PAP) has called on Singaporeans to take action for Singaporean women, and support them in overcoming challenges so as to thrive in a post-Covid world.

The Party has championed women’s development in Singapore since its beginning, pushing for change and shaping policies for women in Singapore to succeed in every aspect of their lives. As we celebrate their contributions to the Singapore Story as part of the Year of Celebrating SG Women, the Women’s Wing aims to rally all to set new foundations for the future of our women in Singapore.

The Women’s Wing annual conference brought together some 400 prominent women leaders, personalities, and activists to address the challenges faced by women in Singapore today. This followed the recent submission of the Women’s Wing-Young PAP recommendation paper for national review of issues relating to women’s development.

Mrs Josephine Teo, Chairwoman of the PAP Women’s Wing, shared that our women in Singapore have shaped and bettered every aspect of our Singapore society with their contributions.

“We have come a long way, and we are not stopping the charge ahead. From the many perspectives today, we know that a woman wants to realise her fullest potential, and pursue her ambitions and passions fearlessly. More can be done collectively towards taking action to support, protect and empower every one of them.”.

Mrs Josephine Teo, Women’s Wing Chairwoman

The conference was organised along three tracks: Changing Mindsets, Leaning In, and Taking Action Forward.

For Changing Mindsets, Mdm Ho Geok Choo, retired Member of Parliament; Elaine Tan, Deputy Director of Communications and Partnerships of St Luke’s Eldercare; Eunice Olsen, former nominated MP and Dr Filza Aslam, Medical Science Liaison, shared their personal stories on carving out their own paths of success. In Leaning In, the audience heard from Kevin Goh and Fannie Lim, a married couple with a different take on parental responsibilities; Mary Heng, an advocate for children with Down syndrome; and renowned harpist and music therapist Fontane Liang on the importance of an ecosystem of support for women to overcome challenges. In the final panel discussion on taking action forward, Mrs Teo, also Minister for Communications and Information & Second Minister for Home Affairs, together with Ms Joan Poh, Olympian rower; Ms Cindy Chng, Partner of TomoWorkSG; and Mr Chee Zhi Kin, Chief Executive Officer of Sprouts Hub, discussed the aspirations of young Singaporean women and what we could do to help them succeed. 

In his remarks to the conference, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong urged all attendees: “Let us all work together to address the most pressing concerns faced by women – whether at home, at workplaces, in school, or in the community – to empower Singapore women to pursue their passions and dreams, and achieve their fullest potential. And in so doing, enable Singaporeans, both men and women, to thrive for generations to come.”

Fittingly, the Conference also saw the launch of #ActionForHer initiative. Over the next six months, the Party would be encouraging Singaporeans to pledge their support toward our women in Singapore. The initiative invites everyone to consider and take one action for a woman in their lives – be it a female colleague or employee, friend, or a family member. Through this, #ActionForHer invokes the realisation that more needs to be done for our women, and inspires involvement in their progress now and in the future.

Ms Eunice Olsen, Ms Elaine Tan, Dr Filza Aslam, Mdm Ho Geok Choo and Ms Cheryl Chan in the panel discussion on changing mindsets.
Minister Mrs Josephine Teo, Ms Joan Poh, Mr Chee Zhi Kin, Ms Cindy Chng and Ms Chan Hui Yuh in the panel discussion on taking action forward.

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