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Activists Honoured at #PAP65 Awards and Convention Ceremony

10 Nov 2019 < 1 min read

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A total of 402 activists received awards for their dedication and contributions to Singapore and the Party earlier today at the #PAP65 Awards and Convention ceremony.

82-year-old Comrade Rajoo Kathirasen of West Coast Branch, who has contributed to the Party over the past 30 years, was among the award recipients.

“To me, it is definitely a privilege to serve. One of the most memorable moments serving the Party was when I was deployed to the Headquarters to help during the general election in 1997. I got to learn a lot about the political situation.” said Comrade Rajoo, who received the Commendation Medal.

The highest honour at the event – the Distinguished Service Medal – was awarded to former Cabinet Minister Ong Pang Boon. The award recognises Mr Ong’s dedicated service to the Party and his illustrious contributions to Singapore.

Thus far, the prestigious recognition has been awarded to five other Party stalwarts namely Lim Boon Heng in 2018, Chn’g Jit Koon and Dr Yeo Ning Hong in 2001 and S Rajaratnam and Lim Kim San in 1990.

Former office holders and Members of Parliament Yeo Toon Chia and Yu-Foo Yee Shoon were also present to receive the Meritorious Service Star Award and Meritorious Service Medal respectively.