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PAP Women’s Wing pushing for women’s health and aid for mothers

11 May 2024 3 min read

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Women in Singapore, especially mothers, can expect more support to achieve their health goals and additional relief to navigate their everyday needs. In conjunction with Mother’s Day, the People’s Action Party (PAP) Women’s Wing announced a partnership with the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Singapore (OGSS) aimed at improving awareness among women on important health concerns, as well as a fundraising effort for grocery aid vouchers to be distributed to vulnerable mothers – each initiative expected to benefit more than 3,000 and 4,000 women in need respectively. These initiatives reiterate the commitment of the PAP Women’s Wing to champion women’s development in Singapore, and are in line with its focus on championing women’s health and wellness.

Speaking at its annual Mother’s Day celebration event, PAP Women’s Wing Chairwoman, Ms Sim Ann said, “Mothers are the bedrock of our families, and the PAP Women’s Wing wants to encourage every mother that her health matters, not just to herself but also to those whom she cares for and loves. We are thrilled that our partner OGSS shares the same outlook and will work with us on a multi-year basis to reach out to more women and help them take better care of their health. We are confident that OGSS members’ professional experience and standing, combined with the reach of the PAP Women’s Wing, can help dispel myths, improve understanding and encourage positive action regarding women’s health.”

Multi-year partnership to champion women’s health

The PAP Women’s Wing and OGSS – represented by Ms Sim Ann and Dr Lim Shau Khng Jason, exchanged letters to affirm a three-year partnership to reach out to 3,000 women, including mothers, on health-related topics, including reproductive health, maternal care, mental well-being. OGSS kickstarted this effort with a workshop focused on maternal health at the event.

The PAP Women’s Wing and OGSS – represented by Ms Sim Ann and Dr Lim Shau Khng Jason, exchanged letters to affirm a three-year partnership.

Nurturing Resilience, Empathy and Well-being among mothers

Themed “PAP Women’s Wing for Mothers: Nurturing Resilience, Empathy and Well-being”, the celebration event cast a spotlight on the intricacies of motherhood and of balancing family and personal responsibilities. Several community partners also engaged women in activities aimed to encourage mindfulness and raise health awareness. Organising Chairwoman of the event, Ms Theodora Lai, said, “This year, the PAP Women’s Wing is shining a light on women’s health and well-being. By celebrating mothers, we are creating a supportive environment that reassures them of the community’s support. We also wanted to take the opportunity to provide a safe space for mothers where they can be heard – to share their concerns and to find support with fellow mothers on any path they take. We want to empower them to invest in themselves and affirm that their ‘good enough’ is more than enough.”

PAP Women’s Wing Chairwoman Sim Ann and event Organising Chair Theodora Lai participating in a soap making workshop by Soaprice

PAP Women’s Wing Chairwoman Sim Ann and event Organising Chair Theodora Lai with panellists of the Heart-to-heart Conversations
Panellists include Lina Ng, actress and host;  Joanna Goy, Founder, Singapore Lactation Bakes; Dr. Chen Yan Yun, visual artist, researcher and professor; Angie Ng, PAP Community Foundation District Manager; Moderated by Sara-ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy

$400,000 worth of grocery aid for vulnerable mothers

The PAP Women’s Wing also pledged to continue supporting mothers in need. With the support of donors including Kuan Im Thong Hood Cho Temple, the PAP Women’s Wing is set to raise $400,000 and beyond to benefit vulnerable mothers. More than 4,000 mothers can expect to receive the support through grocery vouchers to supplement their household needs.

“Our activists and women MPs are constantly in touch with needs on the ground. Our hearts go out in particular to the mothers facing major challenges in caring and providing for their families, and we are grateful for likeminded partners who are able and willing to support them with some additional relief,” said Ms Sim Ann.

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