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Nadia Samdin – Festive Meals in Cheng San-Seletar

Distribution of festive meals is one of the projects that was started during the pandemic. This project aims to tackle elderly isolation and uplift families who are experiencing hardships during this difficult time.

Throughout the pandemic, festive meals were distributed door-to-door to this group of beneficiaries in order to spread festive cheer. Supplementing this meal distribution is the weekly (and for some, monthly) visitation by volunteer befrienders. Befrienders usually spend 20 to 30 minutes at their homes, listening to their needs and offering assistance. For some elderly living alone, befrienders may dapao a meal or the elderly residents will sweetly prepare a little something to eat as a surprise!

The meal distribution was then transited to be a physical gathering last December when the pandemic restrictions were eased. The residents had a Christmas gathering after 2 years and they were joyous to be able to come together for a meal, accompanied by activities and gifts specially prepared for them.

The Chinese New Year meal which was held on 18 February included Lohei, dinner, ge-tai and lucky draw; conversations, singing, fun and laughter. With these, we want to allow residents to know that they are not alone and the community is with them. We care.

Women Branch Chair

Nadia Ahmad Samdin - Cheng San-Seletar Branch


Vulnerable residents especially elderly who are staying alone and families who are going through tough times


Feb 2023


Festive Period