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Enhancing inclusive pre-school education

11 Apr 2019 < 1 min read

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Minister for Social and Family Development Mr Desmond Lee announced that a workgroup will be set up to study ways to better integrate children with learning needs into pre-schools.

Sharing this announcement during a pre-school visit on 10 April 2019, Mr Lee said the workgroup will look at strengthening support for children with moderate to severe developmental needs within pre-schools, and to extend the good practices to more centres.

The Ministry of Social and Family Development will also progressively transfer its early intervention programmes to the Early Childhood Development Agency, starting from July 2019.

He said the rationale for the shift is to improve coordination of early childhood development and support services. “We think it’s important to take the next step, which is to bring together the planning, development, operationalisation and regulation of both early childhood as well as early intervention to make it one continuum,” Mr Lee said.

Image Credit: Minister Desmond Lee’s Facebook