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GE 2020: 11 new faces introduced

25 Jun 2020 4 min read

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The People’s Action Party unveiled 11 new candidates on the second day of its candidate introductions.  

1st Assistant Secretary-General (1ASG) Heng Swee Keat, Vice-Chairman Masagos Zulkifli and Organising Secretary Grace Fu introduced the candidates through three virtual press conferences. 

The candidates introduced earlier today are as follows:

1. Ng Ling Ling 黄玲玲

Former public servant, 48-year-old Ng Ling Ling was named Woman of the Year by Her World Singapore in 2018, for her work as former managing director of Community Chest. Social causes have always been Ling Ling’s passion, and she made a career switch to social and public services after being in banking for six years. She attributes her humble childhood and upbringing as the inspiration to pursue her passion.

PAP's New Candidate

Know more about Ng Ling Ling 黄玲玲, former Managing Director of Community Chest who led the SG50 Care and Share movement.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

2. Tan Kiat How 陈杰豪

Tan Kiat How, 43, a former civil servant, and his wife are expecting their first child later this year. Kiat How was very close to his grandmother, and one of his earliest memories was trekking up Mount Faber with her to see the cityscape. His grandmother was the motivation for him to accept the role to set up the Pioneer Generation Office, now known as the Silver Generation Office. He wanted to repay the gratitude to the Pioneer Generation who went through tremendous hardships to build Singapore to what it is today. He wants to do more to keep Singapore going, and to pass on a fair and just system to the next generation.

PAP's New Candidate: Tan Kiat How

Know more about Tan Kiat How, former civil servant who set up the SG Digital Office that enabled the mobilisation of digital ambassadors to assist seniors with technology. #GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

3. Dr Tan See Leng 陈诗龙医生

A medical practitioner with more than 30 years of practice, 56-year-old Dr Tan See Leng was the group CEO and MD of IHH Healthcare, second-largest listed hospital group in the world by market capitalisation. He obtained a scholarship and bursary to complete his junior college and university education. He also gave private tuition to make ends meet. He decided to study medicine after he saw how doctors had helped his mother through her serious illness. After graduation, he had to deal with the dire financial straits his family was facing. That experience moulded him and taught him skills which later proved invaluable when he started a medical clinic. That clinic later grew into one of the largest private primary healthcare groups in Singapore. He hopes that with his experience, he can play a part in shaping a better future for Singapore.

PAP New Candidate: Dr Tan See Leng

Know more about Dr Tan See Leng, a veteran medical practitioner. #GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

4. Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim, 39, a partner at Dentons Rodyk and Davidson LLP, has always been drawn to community service and to contribute beyond the scope of his legal practice. For the last decade, Zhulkarnain, a father of three, has been conducting free legal clinics and doing pro bono work as an assigned solicitor with the Legal Aid Bureau. He believes this is how he can do his part to assist the underprivileged in getting access to justice.

PAP's New Candidate: Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim

Know more about lawyer, Zhulkarnain Abdul Rahim who has been volunteering in various charities and organisations for over a decade.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

5. Alvin Tan Sheng Hui 陈圣辉

Alvin Tan Sheng Hui, 39, the Head of Public Policy & Economics at LinkedIn, struggled to keep up in school and faced multiple setbacks at the start of his career. He was grateful to the mentors in his life that helped him to get back on his feet. These learning opportunities and experiences taught him to be empathetic, resilient and adaptable. He has been an avid volunteer since 2005, serving at Chinatown and wants to help Singaporeans to navigate the current crisis of our generation.

PAP's New Candidate: Alvin Tan Sheng Hui

Know more about Alvin Tan, Head of Public Policy & Economics (Asia Pacific) at LinkedIn who volunteers to help seniors and youth embrace digitalisation.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020

6. Eric Chua Swee Leong 蔡瑞隆

Former civil servant, 41-year-old Eric Chua Swee Leong, hopes to be the voice of the youth and champion their concerns. An avid grassroots volunteer of 15 years, Chua was previously Chairman of the People’s Association Youth Movement’s Central Youth Council and various grassroots committees. He has had the privilege to work with younger grassroots leaders and youths to mentor them in their endeavours.

PAP's New Candidate: Eric Chua Swee Leong

Know more about former civil servant, Eric Chua who shared about his experience in youth mentorship.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020

7. Dr Wan Rizal

Dr Wan Rizal is a senior lecturer in sports and exercise science at the School of Sports, Republic Polytechnic. The 42-year-old father of four was a Normal academic student who obtained his post-doctorate degree from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in 2017. He firmly believes that education is an important factor of social mobility, and it is important to ensure that Singapore can continue to provide quality education with multiple pathways to achieve success.

PAP's New Candidate: Dr Wan Rizal

Know more about Wan Rizal, senior lecturer at Republic Polytechnic who believes that education is the key to social mobility.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020

8. Yeo Wan Ling 杨涴

Yeo Wan Ling, 44, has her heart for the community. Her passion for the community has led her to set up the Caregiver Group, a global company that specialises in healthcare at home. The Group includes Caregiver Asia, a social enterprise that connects families in need of care with freelance caregivers. Before her current role as co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Caregiver Asia Private Limited, Yeo was with the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) as part of their Global Operations.

PAP's New Candidate: Yeo Wan Ling

Know more about Yeo Wan Ling, the social entrepreneur behind Caregiver Asia – a platform that connects beneficiaries in need of home care with freelance caregivers.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

9. Derrick Goh Soon Hee

With 27 years of experience in the finance and banking industry, Managing Director and Head of Group Audit of DBS Bank, Derrick Goh Soon Hee, 51, attributes his success to Singapore’s meritocratic system. Derrick, who gave tuition to put himself through university, always has the people he serves in mind. His prior leadership stint with POSB saw the set up automated teller machines for aurally and visually handicapped and specialised banking centres in the heartlands and near foreign workers’ dormitories. An avid volunteer since 2013, Derrick hopes to further national conversations and provide perspectives on how the government, businesses and individuals can create more synergies to improve the lives of Singaporeans.

PAP's New Candidate: Derrick Goh Soon Hee

Know more about banker Derrick Goh SH as he shares about how he infuses his passion for the community as part of his banking career.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020

10. Poh Li San

Poh Li San, 45, Vice President for Terminal 5 Planning, Changi Airport Group, was formerly a Search and Rescue helicopter pilot with the Republic of Singapore Airforce. She was also the first female full-time aide-de-camp to former President of Singapore, the late S R Nathan. Li San has been an avid volunteer with the grassroots organisations since 2018. She started various community initiatives for women as well as helping the rental flat residents in Sembawang. She would like to do more to help those who need support.

PAP's New Candidate: Poh Li San

Know more about Poh Li San, CAG’s Vice President who hopes to create more opportunities for women at the workplace.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020

11. Raymond Lye Hoong Yip 鸿业

Raymond Lye Hoong Yip, 54, previously served as Magistrate and Deputy Registrar of the State Courts before he founded Union Law LLP in 2014. The 54-year-old litigator is passionate about his work, and the same values of fairness and a level playing field motivates him to serve the community. In recognition of his long service in community work, Raymond was awarded the Grand Award for Community Service in 2017 for his 25 years of volunteering. He firmly believes in meritocracy and wants to ensure Singapore leave no Singaporean behind.

PAP's New Candidate: Raymond Lye Hoong Yip

Know more about lawyer Raymond Lye 黎鸿业 as he shares why youth needs to be given opportunities so that they can realise their full potential in life.#GE2020

Posted by People's Action Party on Thursday, June 25, 2020