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Long-term plans to support next generation

06 Oct 2019 < 1 min read

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The PAP Government will continue to make long-term plans so that the next generation of Singaporeans can have a bright future, said Prime Minister and Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong at the annual PAP Community Foundation (PCF) Family Day.

Highlighting the Government’s efforts to raise the standards of early childhood education, Mr Lee shared that PCF Sparkletots is using the STEMIE approach which introduces Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, Invention and Entrepreneurship to teach young children how to solve problems creatively.

As part of continuous efforts to meet the demand in younger estates, PCF will convert 80 of its kindergartens to also include full-day childcare facilities in the next four years. PM Lee announced two new Sparkletots Centres that will be opening in Joo Chiat, which will focus on outdoor learning beyond the classroom, and also Radin Mas which will be housed with a nursing home in the same site, for the development of inter-generational programmes. 

“This way, the young people can encourage the old ones and cheer them up, and the old people can keep an eye on the young ones and… engage with them,” PM Lee said.

Mr Lee also emphasised the importance each generation has, to lay the foundation and set the path forward. “Each generation bring with them their hopes, dreams, passion and ambition,” said Mr Lee.

As part of the PCF Family Day celebrations, PCF students put up a musical highlighting Singapore’s history. PCF also organised a bicentennial trail, themed “Together for our Future,” in the civic district.

More than 10,000 PCF staff, students and their families attended the family day event.