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​Managing resources for a sustainable Singapore

08 Mar 2019 < 1 min read

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Minister for the Environment and Water Resources Mr Masagos Zulkifli announced in Parliament during his Ministry’s Committee of Supply debate that the Government will be doing more to support efforts protecting and providing for Singapore’s survival, in particular in the areas of water, waste management, food and climate change research.

One area of focus would be achieving the target of producing 30 per cent of the country’s food needs by 2030, or 30 by 30. “To get to the ‘30 by 30 vision’, will require our agri-food industry to adopt new solutions to raise productivity, apply R&D, strengthen climate resilience, and overcome our resource constraints,” Mr Masagos said.

Mr Masagos also announced that the National Environment Agency is working on turning incineration ash into construction material, NEWSand, and it has developed draft standards for using treated ash for building roads.

“We have ambitious plans for our water, waste and food sectors, but the road ahead is long and winding. We will persevere, for we are not done building a sustainable Singapore,” he reiterated.

In addition, Senior Minister of State for MEWR, Dr Amy Khor announced the Zero Waste Masterplan, part of which calls for the segregation of waste for commercial and industrial premises that generate a large amount of food waste.

This move would largely affect hotels, malls, industrial developments housing food manufacturers, food caterers or food storage houses.

Photo from Minister Masagos Zulkifli’s Facebook