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"Bukit Gombak is special and lush - a home we love and are proud of. We will endeavor to continue nurturing this green, vibrant and caring community. Together, let’s make Bukit Gombak a better home!"


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Low Yen Ling’s growing up years have led her to hold integrity, determination, diligence and gratitude as important values in life. Back when her family had little, she had experienced how communities uplifted and supported their members, and she is now determined to pay it forward to help those with less.

In her various capacities in the Ministries, the Community Development Councils and self-help groups, Yen Ling supports and champions initiatives to strengthen familial bonds, and uplift lower-income families – in particular the students with lesser resources.

Yen Ling has been a strong advocate for greater opportunities for Singaporeans. Bringing her private sector experience to bear, she has been involved in shaping Singapore's manpower, economic and trade policies. Her push for the SkillsFuture initiative also attests to her passion to promote lifelong learning and skills upgrading for older Singaporeans, women, and young graduates.

In her constituency, Yen Ling has transformed key events into moments to strengthen families and create meaningful memories together, such as the Edusave Awards where students are encouraged to thank their families. She also leads the community in showing gratitude to seniors in the annual Hong Bao for Senior Citizens events.

Yen Ling believes that it is in giving that we receive. She encourages many residents to come forward to be volunteers, and to start new initiatives based on their strengths and passions while patiently guiding them and matching them with the relevant stakeholders. In going the distance, she hopes to make a real difference for her community.

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Low Yen Ling