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PAP Women’s Wing strengthens advocacy for women’s interests

18 Apr 2015 < 1 min read

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The PAP Women’s Wing (“WW) held its 3rd Annual Conference today at the Grand Park City Hall. More than 330 women activists and women MPs gathered to review recent progress in WW’s work, particularly in outreach and advocacy. WW Chairperson Ms Grace Fu spoke about the WW’s progress in policy advocacy, with suggestions in three position papers prepared by the WW finding their way into new policy initiatives.

She affirmed the WW’s commitment to continue engaging women from all walks of life, translate their hopes and aspirations into policy suggestions and push for their implementation.To take its work in outreach and advocacy one step further, the Women’s Wing today also launched a financial education program for women named “Top Up With Love” today, to help women understand the basics of financial planning, with a special focus on retirement needs.

Click here to Read the Event Press Release.
WW Chairperson Ms Grace Fu’s Speech can be found here.
Click here for video to learn more about the PAP Women’s Wing’s advocacy efforts.

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