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PAP’s Malay Affairs Bureau launches MAB Muda, rallies Malay Muslim youths to take action for the community   

Singaporean Malay Muslim youths want to engage policymakers for their aspirations, and a greater representation in issues they feel strongly…
Malay Affairs BureauNews

Hubungan Kaum: Bincang Secara Hormat

Artikel ini dipetik dari majalah Petir (Oktober 2021). Baru-baru ini, Menteri Kewangan, Encik Lawrence Wong, telah mengupas tentang masyarakat berbilang…
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PAP Women’s Wing and PAP Community Foundation raise $50,000 for five charities

The People’s Action Party (PAP) Women’s Wing (WW) and the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) have raised $50,000 to help the…

#BetterTogether: An Initiative To Raise Awareness And Drive Collective Action For Mental Health In Singapore

1-in-2 Singaporean youths are unwilling to seek help for their mental health struggles. Calling for greater awareness of mental health…

Statement From Lee Hsien Loong, Prime Minister Of Singapore And People’s Action Party Secretary-General

After a process of consultation, Cabinet ministers affirmed today their choice of Minister Lawrence Wong as the leader of the…

New Branch Chairs (Sengkang GRC)

The People’s Action Party has appointed three new Branch Chairs in Sengkang GRC.  Assoc Prof Elmie Nekmat, Theodora Lai Xi…

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