The work of caring for our loved ones at home and in the community often falls on the shoulders of women. But many hands make light work – and it’s on all of us to help lighten her load.


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Take Action for our Caregivers

The People’s Action Party (PAP) and PAP Women’s Wing have called for action to support women in their caregiving responsibilities,…

PAP Town Councils to upcycle MRT parts into town amenities

As part of the commitment to create a sustainable home in Singapore, all 15 PAP Town Councils will upcycle decommissioned…

People’s Action Party pays tribute to retired Members of Parliament for their contributions

Secretary-General of the People’s Action Party Lee Hsien Loong hosted an appreciation dinner to honour the PAP Members of Parliament…
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PAP’s Malay Affairs Bureau launches MAB Muda, rallies Malay Muslim youths to take action for the community   

Singaporean Malay Muslim youths want to engage policymakers for their aspirations, and a greater representation in issues they feel strongly…
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Hubungan Kaum: Bincang Secara Hormat

Artikel ini dipetik dari majalah Petir (Oktober 2021). Baru-baru ini, Menteri Kewangan, Encik Lawrence Wong, telah mengupas tentang masyarakat berbilang…
NewsWomen's WingWW Press Release

PAP Women’s Wing and PAP Community Foundation raise $50,000 for five charities

The People’s Action Party (PAP) Women’s Wing (WW) and the PAP Community Foundation (PCF) have raised $50,000 to help the…

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