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Mariam Jaafar – Woodlands PAP Family Shopping Day

I believe that by coming together as a community and supporting one another, we can make a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most.

Woodlands PAP Family Shopping Day is a quarterly initiative aimed at supporting sandwich class families living in five-room or larger flats, who typically receive less subsidies from the government. Some of these families require additional assistance to meet the pressures of the rising costs of living. This may be due to special circumstances like caring for the elderly, a disability or a large debt burden.

Since October 2022, we have been helping these families offset part of their shopping bill when they shop as a family at NTUC Fairprice Kampung Admiralty. By doing so, we hope to relieve some of the financial pressure these families are facing, allowing them to make ends meet more comfortably. In addition, our dedicated volunteers are on hand to provide valuable support to our recipients. This includes how to get more value from their shopping and to select products with a healthier label.

In PAP Women's Wing, we provide practical support and improve the quality of life for families in need, our way towards a more inclusive and supportive society for all!

Women Branch Chair

Mariam Jaafar - Woodlands Branch


Singaporeans living in 5 room flats who fall in the sandwich class


Oct 2022
Feb 2023