About MAB Muda

MAB Muda hopes to be a conduit for youth activism, channeling today’s voices and concerns towards being heard in Parliament, and reaching out to the community on the ground.

In 2018, the Malay Affairs Bureau of the PAP, or MAB, refined its structure to further empower its diverse pool of activists who wished to be more involved in outreach and engagement efforts. Our Malay youths were also becoming more involved with social issues, responding to the changing domestic and global landscape.

MAB Muda was thus established in 2021, with the aim of looking into new avenues and engagement that would better represent the concerns of today’s youth and develop their aspirations. MAB Muda’s objectives are as follows:


a sharing platform for discussing national or ‘hot button’ issues that resonate with young Malay Muslims.


solutions and/or policy papers that showcase the community’s thought leadership.


communicate and raise awareness among MAB activists when it comes to Malay Muslim or relevant national issues.


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