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DPM Heng Swee Keat encourages senior activists to mentor younger ones

13 Oct 2019 2 min read

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The People’s Action Party (PAP) 1st Assistant Secretary-General and Deputy Prime Minister Heng Swee Keat has encouraged its senior activists to mentor younger members to ensure that PAP continues to grow from strength to strength and become even better at serving Singaporeans.

Speaking at PAP’s Seniors Group (PAP.SG)’s inaugural celebration of the International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) on 13 October 2019, DPM Heng reiterated that it is critical for PAP.SG to maintain links with senior activists and encourage them to guide and mentor younger members.

He recounted that he learnt a lot from his mentors when he first entered politics in 2011, particularly former Members of Parliament Miss Irene Ng, Mr Mah Bow Tan and especially Mr Sim Boon Ann, and he hoped that other senior activists can make similar effort to guide and assist younger members.

“We must continue to work well as a team, within each generation, and across generations, to ensure that the PAP continues to grow from strength to strength, and that we become even better at serving our residents.” he added. 

DPM Heng also stressed that we must honour our seniors by stewarding and improving upon what we inherited from them to leave behind a better Singapore for our children and grandchildren.

“Just as earlier generations of PAP activists worked together to with Singaporeans to bring Singapore from third world to first. Let us continue to partner Singaporeans on this journey towards a fairer, more caring, and more prosperous Singapore.”

In his speech, Chairperson for PAP.SG Mr Tan Chuan-Jin also urged PAP.SG activists to boldly reframe our narrative and create a positive agenda for ageing, and make Singapore one of the best places in the world for seniors.

In conjunction with the IDOP, PAP.SG launched a handbook for its activists to use as reference to explain government schemes and to provide timely advice to senior residents and their families. The handbook is available in hard copy and digital format. 

About 420 PAP.SG guests, including retired MPs attended the event and they each received a copy of the handbook.

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