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Grace Fu hopes that the pandemic will leave behind a generation awakened by the desire to do good

08 Jun 2020 2 min read

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Minister for Culture, Community and Youth Grace Fu said that the acts of kindness Singaporeans have shown during coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) exemplify the best in us. She hoped that the pandemic will leave behind a generation of Singaporeans who are awakened by the desire to do good for humanity.

Responding to how our society can arrive at a common understanding of what “caring” and “inclusive” mean in her first live Question and Answer Session on PAP Twitter, Ms Fu said that our society is defined by how we improve the lives of ALL; when we care for everyone, we will be inclusive.

“Covid-19 has opened our hearts to many generous acts of kindness – from school children, to volunteers and corporations who stepped forward. I hope the pandemic will leave behind a generation who is awakened by the desire to do good for humanity,” she added.

Ms Fu also shared some of the heart-warming gestures she has come across in her tweet. These include a group of women who pooled their solidarity payment to buy cloth to sew into masks for children and residents; an anonymous person who dropped off 100,000 masks at a Community Club; and volunteer doctors who spent long hours tending to migrant workers.

During the session, many showed concerns on the well-being of our seniors during Covid-19 period, especially those who stay alone and have mobility issues. Ms Fu shared that our Silver Ambassadors continue to call these seniors; our senior activity centres are open for one-on one counselling and activities.

Besides that, 1000 Digital Ambassadors will go island wide to get seniors to go digital and provide those low-income with subsidised devices and data plans, she added.

“Covid-19 has shown the long-term benefit of getting seniors connected online, including access to tele-medicine.”

On how we can promote ethnic inclusion, Minister said that we are not immune to racism, but we must not let discrimination be acceptable. As individual, she noted that we must check against our own biases and ensure that our environment is friendly to all races.

“Call out derogatory remarks or hateful messages against others on basis of their races, religions, gender etc. Opportunities should be given fairly to all,” she added.

There were light-hearted moments during the session. On what made her join politics and why the People’s Action Party, Ms Fu replied that only PAP jioed, i.e. invited her.

She added, “It has been a great privilege to serve, along with a team of competent public service officers. It has been a heavy sense of responsibility knowing that you work has vast impact.”

In closing, Ms Fu encouraged everyone to translate their thoughts into action and activate their network and resources to help others.

“Let us measure progress not solely by economic terms, but also by the hallmark of how we treat our people, regardless of race, language, and religion,” she concluded.