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PAP Government Continues to Help Every Singaporean through Crisis

17 Aug 2020 2 min read

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heng swee keat

The PAP government will continue to help every Singaporean get through the Covid-19 crisis.  

In a Ministerial Broadcast on Monday 17 August 2020, DPM Heng Swee Keat announced another $8 billion to support Singaporean workers and jobs. This is on top of the nearly $100 billion committed and spent earlier this year. 

He promised Singaporeans, “We will stand in solidarity as one united Singapore—to beat this crisis and emerge stronger as a nation.” 


He announced schemes to: 

  1. Extend job support 

Even though our economy has shrunk more than ever before, the number of Singaporeans losing their jobs is not as high as during previous crises. This is partly due to the Government covering a large part of the wages for over 2 million local workers. 

Government will extend the Jobs Support Scheme for 7 months, with the most support, up to 50% of wages, going to the hardest-hit sectors.  

  1. Encourage firms to hire locals 

Government will spend $1 billion to encourage firms that are doing better to hire more local workers. For each new local hire, Government will provide a wage subsidy for 12 months. The subsidy is up to 50% for local workers aged 40 and above. 

Government will also spend up to $150 million to support local startups building businesses for the post-Covid-19 world, so that they can provide more good jobs for Singaporeans.  

  1. Help Singaporeans who have lost their incomes  

Despite our best efforts, some Singaporeans will still be retrenched in the pandemic. Government will support every Singaporean who has fallen on hard times. The Covid-19 Support Grant will be extended to December 2020. 

The Workfare Special Payment of $3,000 will be extended to workers who did not receive Workfare Income Supplement (WIS) in 2019 but have received or will receive WIS this year. 

NTUC has found new jobs for over 20,000 workers this year. Jobseekers can also visit the 24 new SGUnited Jobs and Skills Centres in the heartlands to find jobs and training opportunities. 

  1.  Support hardest-hit sectors 

$320 million in tourism vouchers will encourage Singaporeans to support the local tourism industry. Government is also committed to helping the arts and culture, sports and nightlife industries.  

DPM Heng announced $187 million in relief to companies in the aviation sector. This will help them rebuild Singapore’s air connectivity to the world. Government will also find more temporary jobs for workers in this sector. 

For full information on the schemes, refer to  

Even as we face an unprecedented crisis, the PAP Government will protect the livelihood of every Singaporean. As DPM Heng assured, “It is a difficult journey ahead, but you will not walk alone.”