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The Workers’ Party’s position on Sengkang Candidate Ms Raeesah Khan

06 Jul 2020 < 1 min read

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One of the Workers’ Party’s candidates for Sengkang GRC, Ms Raeesah Khan, is being investigated for criminal offences, including an offence of promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion or race.

The WP’s Secretary General Mr Pritam Singh said yesterday that his Party would review the matter after the General Election. Mr Singh added that Ms Raeesah would meanwhile continue with her campaign in Sengkang.

In fairness to voters, both in Sengkang and elsewhere, the WP should state its stand on Ms Raeesah’s posts since she has admitted to making highly derogatory statements about Chinese and Christians. Why does the WP still consider her worthy of consideration as an MP? This is a serious matter, which goes to the fundamental principles on which our country has been built.

In the interests of transparency, the WP should also ask Ms Raeesah to make public her other posts which were previously public and review those too. This will allow voters to make a clear assessment of her views, and her suitability to be elected into Parliament.

The WP should not ask voters to write it a blank cheque in Sengkang or anywhere else it contests.