Central Executive Committee

The People’s Action Party’s Central Executive Committee (CEC) on, Friday 23 November 2018 to co-opt four additional members – Comrades Desmond Lee, Christopher de Souza, Sitoh Yih Pin and Lawrence Wong – and to elect its office-bearers into the 35th CEC.

The 35th CEC will comprise the following:

Gan Kim Yong


Lee Hsien Loong


Heng Swee Keat

1st Assistant Secretary-General

Chan Chun Sing

2nd Assistant Secretary-General

K. Shanmugam


Ong Ye Kung

Assistant Treasurer

Grace Fu

Organising Secretary

Desmond Lee #

Organising Secretary


  • Christopher de Souza #
  • Indranee Thurai Rajah
  • Ng Chee Meng
  • Ng Eng Hen *
  • Tan Chuan-Jin
  • Josephine Teo *
  • Sitoh Yih Pin #
  • Vivian Balakrishnan
  • Lawrence Wong #

* Co-opted on 11 Nov 2018
# Co-opted on 23 Nov 2018

The 35th CEC has appointed Comrades Grace Fu and Desmond Lee as Organising Secretaries and Comrades Chee Hong Tat, Janil Puthucheary and Alex Yam Ziming as Assistant Organising Secretaries.

The 35th CEC also made the following appointments –  Comrades Josephine Teo will chair the Women’s Wing (WW), Comrades Tan Chuan-Jin to chair PAP Senior Group (PAP.SG), Dr Janil Puthucheary to helm the Young PAP (YP) and Lawrence Wong will be the Advisor to PAP Policy Forum (PPF).