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Woodgrove Food Trail

28 Sep 2020 3 min read

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Food brings us together. Since becoming MP of Woodgrove, I’ve experienced this in so many ways. During my house visits, residents would usually tell me about their favourite food in the area. Many stallholders have become like family to residents. And there’s no better way to chit-chat and bond than over yummy food.

Here’s some of the great food that I’ve tasted in Woodgrove so far.

  1. Zichar with a side of warmth
A bowl of food on a table

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Zichar from the coffeeshop behind Fuchun CC (Blk 306A Woodlands St 31)

This is the place where I was first introduced as a candidate on 28th June 2020. It was my first time facing the media as a candidate and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. But as my GRC teammates introduced me to residents and stallholders, their warm welcome soon put me at ease. Although they were all wearing masks, I could see from their eyes that they were smiling.

Since then, I’ve been back many times to try the food here. The stallholders are as warm as ever, and you can taste the love in the food too.

We’ll be refurbishing Fuchun CC, so I’ll be spending more time in the area overseeing the renovations. Don’t be surprised if I come say ‘hi’ when you’re eating here!

  1. Unique white rojak
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A plastic container filled with food

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Rojak from coffeeshop at Blk 515A Woodlands Drive 14

They serve both black and white rojak. Black rojak has the usual shrimp paste, while the lesser-known white rojak is served with sweet and sour plum paste. Both are very addictive – perhaps too addictive for my own good!

So many residents in the area have recommended this to me, and it’s indeed delicious! The queues do get quite long though, so be prepared to wait.

Many residents do come to seek my help on their issues, which I’m always happy to provide. But others simply want to welcome me to the community. Their concern is not just for me, but also for their fellow residents. I look forward to working with such big-hearted residents on more community projects.

  1. Shopping and dining with great variety
A plate of food on a table

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BBQ seafood and zichar from the coffeeshops at 888 Plaza.

888 Plaza is a hub for Woodlands residents. Many come for the wide selection of amazing food here. I’ve tried the BBQ seafood which has just the right amount of char, and also love the variety of dishes at the zichar stall. I’ve also chatted with so many residents over makan here, and the stallholders too know me well by now.

The humble neighbourhood coffeeshops are so much more than just places to eat. They are places for neighbours to catch up, godsends for busy parents, and a big part of keeping the cost of living affordable. Coffeeshops are like a microcosm of our community, so let’s keep both our coffeeshops and our community vibrant and caring.

I look forward to spending more time in Woodgrove, so stay tuned to my Facebook for more from my ‘food trail’!  

Hany Soh, MP for Marsiling-Yew Tee GRC (Woodgrove division)