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Three Interesting Places in Yio Chu Kang

12 Oct 2020 3 min read

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Member of Parliament for Yio Chu Kang SMC Yip Hon Weng shares three interesting places in Yio Chu Kang.

#1: One of the Longest HDB Blocks in Singapore

Blk 612 at Ang Mo Kio Avenue 4 – around 223m in length – is one of the longest HDB blocks in Singapore. To put things into perspective, the length of Block 644, which is the block we conduct our weekly Meet-the-People sessions, is only 99m. Also, did you know that there are 12 lifts in this block? Imagine how long we would take walking from one end to the other!

No matter the length of the blocks, I still look forward to meeting each and every Yio Chu Kang resident. After all, I get my energy from interacting with you all. So, don’t be shy! Feel free to step forward and chat with me.

#2: Ang Mo Kio 628 Market and Food Centre

Ang Mo Kio 628 Market and Food Centre lies in the heart of the Yio Chu Kang SMC. As such, this is a place where most Yio Chu Kang residents frequent. However, did you know that the original market and food centre was completely destroyed by a fire back in 2007? The present market and food centre were rebuilt and completed in 2009. It is heart-warming to know that many of the current vendors are still with us at the market today!

I myself, frequent this food centre as well as this is where I can get my favourite snacks and drink. You can find me here on most Saturday mornings, chatting with residents with a cup of kopi!

This is me and fellow MP Darryl David at 628 Food Centre as we discussed our plans on how we can better serve residents.

#3: Chu Sheng Temple

Chu Sheng Temple (聚圣庙) is a Taoist temple which was established in 1978. The name of the temple, when translated to English, is the “temple where deities gather”. Interestingly, it is a 3-in-1 temple – a combination of 3 temples, namely Ji Fu Gong (集福宫), Hua Tang Fu (华堂府) and Long Quan Yan (龙泉岩), which were founded by the Hokkiens and Teochews living in the villages nearby at least a hundred years ago.

Chu Sheng Temple is legally registered as a charity organisation and actively engages in social services. For example, they offer free vegetarian meals to Yio Chu Kang residents, especially the needy. They also offer annual bursaries to underprivileged students from primary schools, secondary schools and tertiary education. Bursaries are given to underprivileged elderly in the neighbourhood as well. An interesting point to note is that applications for these bursaries are open to all religions and races!

I recently officiated the inauguration of their 29th committee and I’m happy to see many dedicated volunteers 🙂

To find out more and keep tabs on what I have been and will be doing, do follow me on Instagram (@yiphonweng) and Facebook (@yiphonweng). As your MP, I look forward to engaging more of our Yio Chu Kang residents. Let’s work hand in hand to make Yio Chu Kang an inclusive home for all!