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Delivering on promises, taking Singapore forward

06 Nov 2022 6 min read

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The People’s Action Party reiterated its commitment to a Singapore with opportunities for all. It also elected its 37th Central Executive Committee (CEC) to lead the Party forward.

Addressing more than 3,000 party members at the biennial PAP Conference today, PAP Secretary-General Lee Hsien Loong said that the Party has kept faith with Singaporeans and delivered on its manifesto promises from General Election 2020. They include growing Singapore’s economy, creating jobs, uplifting lower-wage workers, and enhancing support for vulnerable groups.

Citing progressive wages, improvements in pre-school education, a major reform to our healthcare system, and keeping Singaporeans safe through the pandemic as examples, the Party upholds the trust given by Singaporeans to tackle the different issues that beset our country.

The new CEC, together with PAP Members of Parliament and activists, will work with Singaporeans to overcome future challenges, meet their needs and aspirations, and keep things working well in Singapore.

The 12 CEC members are as follows (in alphabetical order): Chan Chun Sing, Desmond Lee, Grace Fu, Heng Swee Keat, Indranee Rajah, K Shanmugam, Lawrence Wong, Lee Hsien Loong, Masagos Zulkifli, Ong Ye Kung, Tan Chuan-Jin, Vivian Balakrishnan. Edwin Tong and Josephine Teo were co-opted into the CEC.

Tribute was paid to Party Chairman Gan Kim Yong who is not standing for re-election to the CEC, thanking him for his many contributions and service to the Party. 421 activists were also recognised at this year’s Party Awards for their dedication and service to Singapore. Besides their dedication in serving their residents at in the constituencies across Singapore, they were also recognised for championing causes close to the hearts of Singaporeans. These include women’s development, care for our seniors, and sustainability.

SG Lee encouraged all members to continue their hard work, so as to secure a strong mandate for the PAP. This is especially when the Party will continue to be tested on all fronts, especially in our efforts to unite all Singaporeans and steer Singapore safely throughs ups and downs.
“(To)keep things working well for Singaporeans, the PAP must stay true to its founding mission. Not only to continue to deliver results, but to keep on convincing minds and appealing to hearts, and winning the political battles, ”he added.

In his speech, Comrade Lawrence Wong reiterated how the Party will continue to focus on taking action to get the right things done for Singaporeans and create a fair and just society for all. He also shared how the 4G team is working with and engaging Singaporeans to imagine the Singapore we want in the next generation.
“Let’s do everything we can now to maintain this precious solidarity and trust that we have in Singapore. Let’s build consensus and hold the centre –by engaging and partnering our people in good faith, by promoting dialogue and compromise, and by expanding the common ground we share as Singaporeans,” Comrade Wong said.

The event was also attended by representatives of National Trades Union Congress, attesting to the strong symbiotic relationship between the Party and the Labour Movement. As an invaluable partner supporting our Party’s work in the community, NTUC FairPrice also pledged a donation of $1.2 million worth of vouchers to be distributed to needy Singaporeans to help meet their daily needs.

Quotes from Secretary-General and Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong

The People’s Action Party has delivered on our promises to our electorate

“We have done it before and we will do it again. That is the PAP record, that is how the PAP works and that is how we work not just with housing but with everything else which we promise Singapore, including all the promises we made in GE2020.We promised to grow our economy, support industry transformation, help local companies upgrade themselves and venture abroad. We undertook to create jobs, upskill our people, and uplift lower-wage workers. We said we would enhance support for vulnerable groups, and strengthen our social compact. And we have done all of these and more.”
“We have kept faith with you and delivered on our manifesto promises. We have kept you safe through the pandemic, in a turbulent world. We are steadily achieving progress for you and for the nation. And we have the team and the ideas to secure and build our future together. The PAP has delivered, and will continue to deliver, for you.”

Taking Singapore forward with a strong mandate

“Whether voters give the new government a strong or weak mandate makes a very big difference. With a strong mandate, when the government needs to act firmly and decisively –whether at home or abroad –everyone will know that it is acting with the people’s support. And everyone will know that Singaporeans are united, tackling problems as one, and moving forward together.
In stable times, this enables the government to implement measures that may require sacrifice, but will improve people’s lives in the longer term. And during turbulent periods, the government will have the confidence and backing to make tough calls, and steer Singapore safely through the ups and downs.” “If our politics goes wrong, our governance will go wrong too, and so will all our lives.”

Responsible behaviour in politics

“It is the opposition’s job to scrutinise what the government does, and highlight our mistakes or shortcomings. It’s their role, and we accept that is how a parliamentary democracy is meant to work. But equally, when the opposition doesn’t quite reach the mark, it’s our job to turn on the torchlight, and show people…We have to point this out.”
“Government is never only about doing the easy things… Sometimes we have to say ‘no’, or ‘not yet’, even to reasonable requests, because resources are limited.”
“(The government)has got to assess the problem, weigh the arguments, and work out what, in our best judgment, is the right way forward for Singapore. There are strongly held opposing views among segments of our population, we do our best to bring everyonealong, and to hold everyone together and keep society together.”

Our MPs will continue to do right by the people and work the ground

“Our MPs and branch activists and all of us, we have to work the ground. Show residents how the PAP makes a difference to them, improving the amenities in their towns; resolving their conflicts and their problems;(and)advocating for their concerns…Because in the end, it is not just about arguments and reasons, or it’s not even about dollars and cents. It is about the friendships and emotional ties that our MPs and activists form with residents–the abiding personal bonds and networks you establish. They know you, they trust you, they know you care for them. And therefore they support the government and its policies.”

The new CEC and your PAP representatives are capable, and we will work with you to take Singapore forward

“People know that PAP leaders are conviction politicians. When we adopt a policy or a programme it is because we believe in it. We are convinced ourselves that it is good for Singapore, that we can make it work, that we will make it happen. But more important than the details of policies, we’ve got to convince Singaporeans why the policies matter to them, how they match everyone’s needs and aspirations.
“Even as we make sound policies and implement them competently, we must crystallise what these policies mean for Singaporeans… help people understand: good things do not happen by themselves, (and) show them why it matters to them, and how it affects their lives.”
The PAP will never give way to such divisive politics. We will never hesitate to fight rabble rousers and charlatans. We will never compromise on the values that are embedded in the Pledge.”
“My team and I, whether we are 3G,4G or 5G,will honour the trust placed in us. We will always do right by the people. We will never shy away from the tough calls. And we will work with you to secure a better life for all, and a brighter future for many generations to come.”

Refer to Secretary General Lee Hsien Loong’s English speech and Chinese speech.

Refer to Comrade Lawrence Wong’s speech.

Refer to Party Chairman Gan Kim Yong’s speech.