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PAP announces appointments of its 37th Central Executive Committee

26 Nov 2022 < 1 min read

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The 37th PAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) met on Saturday, 26 November 2022 and co-opted four additional members: 

  • Alex Yeo 
  • Cheryl Chan 
  • Ng Chee Meng 
  • Tan See Leng 

The CEC also elected the office holders. The complete CEC list is as follows:  

Chairman   Heng Swee Keat 
Vice Chairman  Masagos Zulkifli 
Secretary-General   Lee Hsien Loong 
Deputy Secretary-General  Lawrence Wong 
Assistant Secretary-Generals  Chan Chun Sing
Desmond Lee 
Treasurer   K Shanmugam 
Assistant Treasurer  Ong Ye Kung 
Organising Secretaries  Grace Fu
Edwin Tong* 
Members (in alphabetical order)  Alex Yeo^
Cheryl Chan^
Indranee Thurai Rajah
Josephine Teo*
Ng Chee Meng^
Tan See Leng^
Vivian Balakrishnan 

*Co-opted on 6 Nov 2022
^Co-opted on 26 Nov 2022 

The CEC has made a new Deputy Secretary-General appointment, in addition to two Assistant Secretary General appointments, in line with plans for the party leadership transition. The Deputy Sec-Gen will exercise the roles and responsibilities of the Sec-Gen, in the absence of the Sec-Gen.

The CEC also made the following appointments:  

Headquarters Executive Committee Chairman Lawrence Wong
Headquarters Executive Committee Vice Chairman Chan Chun Sing
Assistant Organising Secretaries


Alex Yam
Desmond Tan Kok Ming
Tan Kiat How
Chair, PAP Seniors Group (PAPSG) Tan See Leng
Chair, PAP Malay Affairs Bureau (MAB) Masagos Zulkifli
Chair, PAP Women’s Wing (WW) Sim Ann
Chair, Young PAP (YP) Janil Puthucheary
Advisor, PAP Policy Forum (PPF) Josephine Teo