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Helping Singaporeans to learn for life and learn from life

25 Aug 2020 < 1 min read

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Singapore classroom

The PAP Government will seize opportunities to reshape our education system for the longer term, and to accelerate improvements in the way we teach and learn.

Minister for Education Lawrence Wong said that in partnership with parents, employers, and community, “we will help Singaporeans to learn for life and learn from life”.

“We will continue to uplift our people and expand opportunities for progression, as part of our overall efforts to build a more fair and just society.”

The PAP Government will also redouble its efforts to make sure that no child is left behind with COVID-19’s disproportionate impact on the disadvantaged.  

MOE will ensure education remains an effective social leveller, by giving every child access to quality education, and multiple pathways throughout life to pursue their aspirations, said Mr Wong.

The Ministry’s plans include:

  • Giving every child a good start in life, regardless of their backgrounds. By 2025, we will operate at least 60 MOE kindergartens
  • Deepening support for students with special needs – by strengthening educators’ professional competencies, as well as opening new SPED schools
  • Making blended learning an integral feature of the curriculum from next year
  • Catering to the diverse strengths and aptitudes of students through multiple pathways in our education system
  • Supporting the efforts of the National Jobs Council in creating jobs, traineeships, and training opportunities as part of SkillsFuture

Image credit: Lawrence Wong’s Facebook