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PAP’s 35th Central Executive Committee

23 Nov 2018 < 1 min read

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The 35th PAP Central Executive Committee (CEC) met on 23 Nov 2018 and co-opted four additional members – Comrades Lawrence Wong, Desmond Lee, Sitoh Yih Pin and Christopher de Souza.

The CEC also elected the office holders and the complete CEC list is as follows: 

ChairmanGan Kim Yong
Vice ChairmanMasagos Zulkifli
Bin Masagos Mohamad
Secretary-GeneralLee Hsien Loong
1st Assistant Secretary-GeneralHeng Swee Keat
2nd Assistant Secretary-GeneralChan Chun Sing
TreasurerK Shanmugam
Assistant TreasurerOng Ye Kung
Organising SecretariesGrace Fu
Desmond Lee#
MembersChristopher de Souza#
Indranee Thurai Rajah
Ng Chee Meng
Ng Eng Hen*
Tan Chuan-Jin
Josephine Teo*
Sitoh Yih Pin#
Vivian Balakrishnan
Lawrence Wong#

* Co-opted on 11 Nov 2018
# Co-opted on 23 Nov 2018

The CEC also made the following appointments:

HQ Exco ChairmanChan Chun Sing
Assistant Organising SecretariesChee Hong Tat
Janil Puthucheary
Alex Yam Ziming
Chair, PAP.SGTan Chuan-Jin
Chair, WWJosephine Teo
Chair, YPJanil Puthucheary
Advisor, PPFLawrence Wong


Issued by:

Chan Chun Sing
Chair, HQ Exco
23 November 2018

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