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Partnering Singaporeans to Emerge Stronger

28 Aug 2020 2 min read

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Singaporeans of different races doing social work

In the addenda released today, the PAP Government emphasised the importance of social cohesion, financial sustainability and economic transformation, so that Singapore can emerge stronger after the COVID-19 crisis.

Minister Desmond Lee said that during COVID-19, “We came together to do our part, and demonstrate that that we are a caring, inclusive society, that is united in the face of adversity.” His Ministry, the Ministry for Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) will further foster bonding and national pride through heritage, arts and sports. It will also help social sector organisations digitise, including through a digitally-trained Youth Corps.

President Halimah said in her speech to Parliament that we need to have civil conversations around sensitive topics. The government will convene the Emerging Stronger Conversations and conversations around race and religion, so Singaporeans, including youths, can reflect and reimagine the future together.

The Ministry of Finance (MOF) reiterated their commitment to a fiscal system that is fair and progressive. Besides keeping our tax rates competitive, we will also ensure the effective and efficient use of public resources, maintain prudent expenditure, and continue to support innovation and enterprise through our policies and practices.

COVID-19 has increased the urgency of economic transformation. MOF will accelerate this across each of its Industry Transformation Maps.

Three agencies under the Prime Minister’s Office will support the Ministries’ work. The Smart Nation and Digital Government Group will ensure that all government services are fully digital by 2023. They will also help businesses digitise, and ensure that the low-income and less digitally-savvy are included in our digital transformation. Technology will be harnessed to optimise our urban management.

The Strategy Group will coordinate between Ministries on key issues such as social support in light of COVID-19 and our response to climate change. The Public Service Division will recruit public officers from diverse backgrounds and widen their exposure.

(Image credit: MCCY’s Facebook)