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​SAF committed to strengthening safety systems: MINDEF

06 May 2019 < 1 min read

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Minister for Defence Ng Eng Hen said in Parliament that the Committee of Inquiry (COI) has found that there were no foul play or deliberate acts in a training accident that led to the death of national serviceman Aloysious Pang.

In the January incident, Aloysius Pang sustained serious injuries when he was crushed between the gun barrel and cabin when carrying out maintenance work in a Singapore Elf-Propelled Howitzer (SSPH).

The committee also found that all three servicemen who were in the SSPH had committed safety lapses, including the failure to follow a strict requirement that everyone must be in a safe position during the movement of the gun barrel.

Dr Ng emphasised that it was not for lack of knowledge or inexperience which led to the accident. “The COI determined that prior to the incident, all three personnel in the gun had received adequate training to be aware that whenever the gun barrel is moved, they must be in a safe position,” he added.

Announced additional safety measures for all crew operating the SSPH, Dr Ng reiterated, “The SAF is committed to continue strengthening its safety systems at all levels and down to our soldiers, aircrew and sailors.”