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Haunts, History and Heart in Brickland

06 Nov 2020 4 min read

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Don Wee, Member of Parliament for Chua Chu Kang GRC (Brickland division)

Brickland may seem to be a run-of-the-mill neighbourhood, but if you go beneath the surface, you’ll discover a place with lots of haunts, history and heart. Read till the end for the place I go to most!

Military-themed Playground

Brickland is full of young families

A de-facto mascot of Brickland is the playground shaped like a tank located near Blk 815. The tank is a homage to the former Keat Hong Camp. The themed playground reminds our young of the history of Brickland and the importance of defending our nation.

Speaking to the young families here and elsewhere in our estate, I heard their concerns about adequate childcare and primary school options. I am working with PCF to bring in another childcare centre nearby at Blk 810 and have spoken up for another primary school within Brickland.

Military-themed playground at Blk 815

Shophouse Lane

Among the modern HDB blocks, we have a few haunts where time seems to have slowed down.

The shophouses along Blk 216 are one such place. Residents love to enjoy the old school zi char at Hong Kiat Seafood Restaurant, frequent the gym or get some pizza.

Right next door is Blk 253 Keat Hong Shopping Centre/Choa Chu Kang Market, the heart of our community where residents get their daily necessities and bond over great food.

Shophouses at Blk 216

Getting to know residents at Blk 253, including regulars Mdm Tan Kim Thoa and Mr Tan Kia Huat

Temple older than our nation

Nestled among HDB blocks and houses, Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple stands out with its golden pagodas and intricately crafted architecture.

The temple has been here since 1963, which means it’s even older than our nation. At that time, the area was swampy land that the nearby villagers grew vegetables for their livestock on. The temple management reclaimed it for the temple grounds.

The murals on its walls are regarded as the only murals in Singapore in the traditional Thai Theravada style. The temple’s in-house artists are still adding new artwork to the temple grounds, attracting Singaporeans of all faiths to visit.

I look forward to working with the temple management to preserve this unique and colourful corner of our estate.

Uttamayanmuni Buddhist Temple

Did you know that the temple has a working well?

Shelter for All

Brickland is home to several homes for the less fortunate, including SASCO Senior Citizens’ Home for the destitute elderly and Sunbeam Place for underprivileged children. I’ve had the privilege of meeting the staff and volunteers here, who give the home residents so much love and care no matter how challenging circumstances are.

Helping underprivileged children is a cause close to my heart too. I’m working with social service organisations such as Mendaki@ChoaChuKang and Fei Yue Family Service Centre to synchronise the help given to them in Brickland. I’ve also asked in Parliament if we can set up a government agency dedicated to this important work. 

With the staff at Mendaki @ Choa Chu Kang

Brickland Road

Finally, we come to the place I frequent most. I like to jog with residents, and no matter where we start from, we usually end up pounding the pavement along Brickland Road. One side of Brickland Rd borders a military area and has no traffic lights at all, making it a favourite haunt for joggers. Its length is a good test of our endurance!

After running with residents

There you have it- the haunts, history and heart of Brickland. If you see me in these haunts, join me for a run or a cup of coffee!