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PAP.SG lays foundation for present and future senior citizens

30 Jan 2019 < 1 min read

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PAP.SG has made several recommendations to the Government, calling for a tripartite effort to create the right conditions for seniors in Singapore to enjoy being active and productive. 

At a press conference on 30 January 2019, Speaker of Parliament and Chairperson of PAP.SG Mr Tan Chuan-Jin together with Vice-Chairpersons of PAP.SG and Members of Parliament Mr Henry Kwek and Ms Joan Pereira; former Minister of State and unionist Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon and former Member of Parliament Dr Chiang Hai Ding, presented a paper where they shared their recommendations.

These recommendations include:
– More work opportunities for seniors through tripartism
– Adoption of flexible work arrangements (FWA)
– Equal employer CPF contributions for workers of all ages
– Strengthen financial literacy for seniors
– Evolving policies in housing to meet changing needs of seniors
– Outreach and engagement efforts for seniors living in isolation

Through these recommendations, Mr Tan Chuan-Jin hopes that Singaporeans would be able to take ownership of the future, staying healthy, engaged and live purposeful dignified lives.

Read the paper here